Latest B.U.D.S Software:

Install software on your PC and open in demo mode or buy licence key from us, check all the advanced features & diagnostics of the programs yourself.

You need MPI-2 adater for diagnos vehicle,

buds softwareB.U.D.S. ATV 3.5.0

buds softwareB.U.D.S. Watercraft 3.5.2

buds softwareB.U.D.S. Snowmobile

buds softwareB.U.D.S. SSV 3.5.0

buds softwareVCI Drivers for MPI-2


Right-click the link and choose "Save Link As..." to save the document to your computer.

This system works on all BRP products including:

Sea-doo , Ski-doo , Can-am , SSV , Spyder.

If you need licencekey for buds please contact us.

Download the latest software from BRP here.